Training Your Armenian Gampr Dog

Whether your livestock needs protection or you simply want a devoted personal guardian, the Armenia Gampr Dog can be the perfect fit for your needs. While training these rare molossers is vital, they have a territorial guard drive and tend to take to their job of guarding home and livestock quite naturally. 


While the Armenia Gampr Dog is aloof and usually does not like to play, it has a standard pack mentality and can become close with family members if it is socialized inside the home. Keeping the Gampr obedient and calm takes a firm, confident approach and the right upbringing, but we can certainly help with these things.


The Armenian Gampr is the beloved national dog of Armenia, and it’s easy to see why. These dogs quickly become a valued member of the family, and they enjoy contributing to the collective cause via their livestock guardian work. With plenty of room to run free and proper boundaries, it can easily thrive on your property. If you’re interested, call on Lone Star Mastiffs to get an Armenian Gampr puppy.