How To Decide What Breed Is Best For You From Our Dog Breeder Dallas Fort Worth

While all of our mastiffs in Dallas Fort Worth Texas are immaculately bred and kept, they are best used for different purposes. Some are great pets and family guardians. Others are too aggressive for this, and make stronger guard dogs instead. Still others are really meant to be the perfect hunting dogs. As a dog breeder in Dallas Fort Worth, Lone Star Mastiffs here to help you decide which breed is right for you.


  • Are you looking for a strong, loyal family pet that you know will protect your children? Our Boerbels and American Molossus have excellent temperaments for this kind of lifestyle. They don’t mind sticking too close to home and are very large and devoted.

  • If you’re more in search of a patrol or guard dog, especially for livestock, consider our Caucasian and Central Asian Ovcharkas. 

  • If you want a dog with an excellent temperament for hunting, we have plenty of options. Our English Redtick Coonhounds get along well on all sorts of hunts. The Presa Canario specializes in hog catching in particular. 


When you’re on the search for mastiffs in Dallas Fort Worth Texas, we encourage you to ask lots of questions and do your research. We’re happy to offer you our help, so feel free to reach out to Lone Star Mastiffs anytime.