Prepare Your New Puppy For Success With Our Dog Trainer Dallas Fort Worth

Training a puppy, especially large ones with plenty of energy and aggression to control, isn’t easy. That’s why Lone Star Mastiffs offers not just dogs for sale, but training for them as well. Whether you’re looking for training for guard dogs, hunting dogs, or just solid, reliable obedience, we’re here to provide it.


As far as obedience training, we offer one-on-one personalized training sessions for just $30 an hour. Your dog will learn important basic commands, and the training can be customized to fit your needs. If there’s any specific elements on your estate you need the dog to be sensitive to, such as small children, small pets, loud noises, etc., tell us about them. We’ll work with your dog to make sure those things are no longer a distraction for them.


Our personal protection classes are not for every dog. They require a high level of drive, confidence, and focus. The end results speak for themselves, though, as our personal protection dogs are excellent additions to your canine workforce. We also prepare dogs to guard livestock, socializing them with a variety of different farm animals and teaching them how to fit into farm life.


While we do not train others’ dogs in hog hunting due to the inherent risk of the activity, we can sell our started or finished dogs with this training in mind. We offer both bay dogs and catch dogs to assist with either aspect of the hunt. The training is all done on our property, with our large population of robust hogs.


You're doing the right thing by searching for a dog trainer in Dallas Fort Worth early on. Reach out to Lone Star Mastiffs today to tell us about the kind of training you’d like your dog to get.