English Redtick Coonhounds: The Classic Hunting Dogs

Thinking about purchasing English Redtick Coonhounds? These dogs are known for their loyal nature and highly driven work ethic. While these Coonhounds aren’t aggressive to humans, they have an insatiable appetite for rigorous activity and the hunt. These dogs were bred for hunting and are eager to please. They're outgoing around strangers and have a recognizable, ringing bark that you can hear for miles around under the right conditions.


Although their name implies they hunt raccoons, English Redtick Coonhounds are versatile dogs and can be an asset on many different kinds of hunts. They have a history tracking small game, lion, bear, and even treeing them. On our property, they can also be trained as hog catch dogs and do phenomenally in that line of work. Our Redtick Coonhounds are UKC Purple Ribbon dogs descended from Grnitech lines.


For whatever reason you’re seeking an English Redtick Coonhound, they make charming, energetic companions on the farm, and courageous, powerful allies on the hunt. To learn more about our available puppies and training programs, reach out to Lone Star Mastiffs today.