Our property is located on 30 acres near Winnsboro, Texas

We have a world class kennel that was built just to contain high drive, athletic, large, working mastiffs.

The kennel is made of 10 gauge wire reinforced chain-link. At the bottom of each kennel is a 4 foot tall, cement filled mortar base to keep dogs from making contact with each other. Backs are open to allow summer breeze to pass through the kennel. There are 6 10'x10' kennels and 6 5'x10' kennels available. All kennels are 10' tall and secured at the top. There is 24/7 on site monitoring of all dogs.

We also have an agility course/playground for the dogs.

It is a great cleared out area for dogs to run and play that are being boarded and it is a great training tool, as well.

There is a bay pen for training bay dogs and catch dogs on real hogs.